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Do it! An app that makes the right decision.

What is the problem?

Decision making is important but hard. Choosing one way or the other might have very big impacts and serious consequences. And considering and weighing of the benefits and costs of choices can be a long and difficult process. Very often, we know what is the right thing to do deep down in our hearts, but how would we uncover the answers? How can we make decisions both rationally and confidently?


How does the app solve this problem?

This app utilizes Pros and Cons to gather information about each alternative and uses Pairwise Comparisons to quantify how important each factor means to the decision maker. This approach breaks the multi-dimensional problem down into many one-dimensional decisions. Information about the importance of each Factor is extracted and the final decision suggestion is based on the weighted importance of all of the Factors.




Which school should I go to? Which company should I work for? Which city should I live in? Is this the right person for me?

Use Do it! to find out what you really want and make a good decision.

List the Pros and Cons for each of the choices. This step helps you think about all aspects of the decision and aggregate the information you have collected for each choice. Knowing your options and what each path means is one of the most important step.

Scores are scientifically generated to accurately reflect what you care and where your heart belongs. And share with your friends and family to announce your decision or ask for their opinions.

Compare and weigh the pros and cons pair by pair. By clicking through rounds of comparisons, a complex multi-dimension decision is broken down into small one-dimension questions. This step helps quantify and reveal the true importance of each Pros and Cons.



For detailed explaination of the algorithm and the making of the app, see this presentation and my thesis.

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