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Sunshine Library

In my sophomore year summer, I joined Sunshine Library Rural Education Initiative, a start-up NGO that provides a “One Tablet per Child” solution for rural China students and a platform for educational apps and resources. 


I worked closely with the founders, development team and the curriculum team to research about the customers’ needs, finalize the requirements, plan the product, design the interfaces and test the product. 

Because of my close involvement and clear grasp of the product, in addition to my UI Designer role, I also took up the role of PM in the later half of the summer and learned to adapt Agile method to our development process. 

In order to help the students' studies and the teachers' instructions, we designed and created educational apps on Android platform. These apps provide rich content, such as textbooks, supplementary video and readings, and excercises adaptive to the stuednts' learning progress for both in class learning and after class studying.

The educational apps I designed were shipped in the following fall with 4000 tablets to students in rural schools to help them with their studies.

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