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When studying abroad in Budapest, I led a team of 5 and designed a Pizza Customiza:on and Ordering App for the User Interface Design course.


What is the problem?

Pizza is many people's favorite fast food. There are hundred of thousands of pizzerias worldwide and the competition is getting intense. How can a pizzeria differentiate itself from the five other pizzerias around the courner?


How can we solve it?

If ordering and eating pizza could be a social and fun experience, wouldn't customers prefer it over the traditional ones? 

Therefore we want to design a tablet application for easy, intuitive, pleasant and social pizza customization and ordering by pizzeria customers.

Persona and User Journey

After interviewing pizza eaters about their needs and experience customizing/ordering pizzas, we created a set of personas and user journey for the basis of our design.

Card Sorting, Brainstorming and Sketching

As a group, we conducted a card-sorting session and brainstorm for the features and organization of the app. 

We then sketched out our ideas on paper.


We used Balsamiq to create basic wireframes.

Paper Prototype and User Testing

With the paper prototypes made from the wireframes, we conducted a serie of user testing session with users with different level of love for pizza and familarity with technology.

Feedbacks from User Testing

Different users provided many different positive and negative feedbacks, but there are some common confusions and suggestions. For example, we added clear entry points and edited the color and label of different buttons to make sure users understand how to proceed at any given point.


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