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My Day. A smarter way to organize a day.

My Day is a self-started app design project. It aims to make it easy for people to find out the most time­‐ and travel­‐efficient way to spend their days. 


It is too much for our brains to keep mental notes of everything we have to do and places we have to be at, not to mention the last minute emergencies and to-dos before a certain deadline. And our planners and calendars only help to keep track of them but cannot help us figure out what is the best way to spend our days and to complete our tasks in the most efficient way.


Target User: 

People who want to spend their time and mileage as efficient as possible. Busy bees with a full calendar and to-do lists across different locations.


Timeline View

The Timeline View lets users to visually see their day on a clear time line. If users want to manage the schedule, they could delete, add or drag around items with flexible time frames.

Map View

The map view lets users to see their day on a map. "Route My Day" will compute the possible routes through users' events and to-dos for them to choose, each with different number of tasks accomplished, time spent and travelling needed.

What if users are too lazy to add location?


To make the creation flow of location specific event/to-do easier and faster, when selecting a location, users are first given a collection of existing location tags. If user wants to add a different location, after the selection, they will be given the option to add it as a location tag for future reuse.


If this is an event imported from email, Facebook or other apps, the location will be transfered over to make life easier.



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